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Md. Naushad Ahmad - Founder & Chief Managing Director

Md. Naushad Ahmad

The Chief Managing Director of Diamond includes some of the industry's most knowledgeable, experienced and creative engineers and software developers. He has laid the foundation to Diamond group which has developed leading bussiness ventures like Diamond Industries, Diamond Web Solutions. These individuals are passionate about providing high-quality, high-value custom software development and business process outsourcing services to independent software vendors and enterprises. He have experience working in both traditional and agile development methodologies. He has over 10 years of software industry experience and has led multi-million dollar key software projects at various organizations. He is considered an expert in the Offshore Outsourcing industry and is author of the whitepaper -Managing the Risks When Outsourcing Offshore. Md. Naushad has an Graduation from M.U India. 




Md. Irshad Ahmad - Founder & Director


Md. Irshad Ahmad

Md. Irshad Ahmad is the Founder and Director of Diamond Web Solutions and has a 3 years experience in investing across a broad range of industries and is currently focused on technology and related industries. Working under the cap of Director of the company with a rich track record and deep domain expirience in the communications field. He is the head for the software team and is responsible overall for custom application development, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise solutions, web development, SEO and legacy system development and maintenance in the areas of Technologies. Has has been responsible for product and business model conception, technology roadmap, resource allocation, coaching and mentoring high performing teams. He successfully managed all phases of software development life cycle including but not limited to: Pre-sales, up sales, design, implementation, test, documentation and program management.


Irshad earned his Master of Computer Applications from the Pune University (Pune) and a Bachelor of Computer Applications from G.C.G India. 




Md. Heyat Khan - Chief Marketing Officer


Md. Heyat Khan is the Chief Marketing Officer of Diamond Web Solutions and  He has been associated with the Outsourcing industry for the last 5 years and brings immense experience on various aspects of business planning, strategy and financial management. Heyat Khan's forte lies in business forecasting, pricing strategy, driving key organizational metrics. Marketing and plays a vital role in helping our customers create value and accelerate the implementation of business development objectives. His approach is to develop a business model based on trust, credibility, and understanding of client needs and make the business opportunities grow. He plays an important role in defining company strategy and using technology, innovation, and leadership to achieve business excellence. 


Heyat earned his Master of Business Administration from the P.U India and a Bachelors in Business Administration from P.U India.